One Man Wonder Show 

You can fill the stage with either pageantry or personality. That's my specialty-- I bring an abundance of personality to the stage to make your event look BIG.

This is the most stress-free way to present a big show, with big production value, without spending a fortune. My One Man Wonder Show is designed to be a turn-key event. This show is entirely self-contained so it sets up with virtually no rehearsal and I run the music cues myself by remote so you don't have to worry about hiring a crew.

It's fast and funny and absolutely unbelievable.

What You Will Witness

  • A paper airplane with a mind of its own!
  • An impossible vanish before your very eyes!
  • The hundred dollar bill challenge!
  • The Little Wonder Oscillating Thought Device!
  • Big time magic secrets revealed to all!
  • No objectionable language or controversial material.
  •  Squeaky clean and family friendly comedy.

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