Grande Illusions

When your guests deserve nothing but the very best. My Grande Illusion stage show is filled with eye-popping illusions-- from levitation to incineration to teleportation.

It's like a sit-com come to life with my madcap cast of characters assisting me. Together we create some incredible visuals that your guests will never forget. Want to showcase a new product or service? I'll weave it into the evening. Want me to magically produce your C.E.O. or Guest of Honor? It can be easily done with 5 minutes rehearsal.

All the spectacle and grandeur you imagine when you think of those big, Vegas-style, production shows can be yours to dazzle your guests for one unforgettable evening. I provide the cast, crew, props, scenery, equipment and set-up so you don't have to stress.

What You Will Witness

  • A man-eating creature appears from the Fire Cage!
  • A woman from the audience floats into the air!
  • A flickering shadow metamorphoses into a man!
  • The most impossible escape-- the Pinata of Death!
  • A registered nurse is cut in sixths and lives!
  • The trick that made Houdini famous!
  • The Flying Cavettis, The World's Worst Acrobats!

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