can you guarantee the success of your event?

Larry Wilson can. Fortune 500 companies count on him to make their events spectacularly successful. Wouldn't you enjoy a little less stress in your life?

"Wilson's hilarious patter makes the show, as he takes standard illusionist banter and twists it for comic effect."

 --Daily Variety


My years of experience on the biggest stages in the world and on television are your secret weapon. I've seen it all and I know what works and what doesn't. I can leverage that knowledge to produce the very best results for your event. That's why the Hollywood Reporter called me "...the best rehearsed, tightest and most consistently funny act."



  • Let me handle every detail for you.
  • I take on the tasks that you're too busy for.
  • Engage me and STOP worrying about entertainment.
  • I'm accessible day or night, at any hour.


  • Imagine your C.E.O. magically appearing!
  • Picture your guests involved in the show.
  • Astonishing feats make indelible impressions.
  • Great magical entertainment is never forgotten.


  • I tailor my show to reflect your corporate culture.
  • I will make your guests the stars of the night.
  • No other entertainment compares to magic.
  • They'll remember your event forever.


  • I do the work and you receive the kudos.
  • All the goodwill I create transfers to you.
  • Absolutely NO objectionable language or material.
  • I protect your reputation as if it were my own.

"Larry Wilson presented the best rehearsed, tightest and most consistently funny act!"

--The Hollywood Reporter

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Entertainment with universal appeal

Everyone loves magic (even those skeptics who insist they can't be fooled.) Magic appeals to all ages, from kids to grandparents and everyone in between. Magic transcends all language barriers. Magic is found in every culture. What's the secret to magic's allure? It's simple. We all would like to believe in a world where anything is possible. We know it's not real. But, it feels so good to pretend it is-- if only for a little while.


The Perfect Complement to Magic

Comedy surprises us in much the same way magic does, but, it takes the opposite tack to get there. Comedy takes the familiar and twists it for us to see

in a brand new way. Things that we take for granted are presented in a different context and we laugh at the shock of recognition. Clean, family-friendly comedy doesn't rely on off-color language or controversy. It just takes a gifted entertainer to reveal the absurdity of everyday life. There's nothing that feels so fun and refreshing as laughing out loud.


Pro vs. Amateur

I know that you have specific goals in mind. Perhaps they're simple as thanking your most valuable clients for their patronage. Or, maybe you want to welcome new partners to your organization in a way that makes them feel relaxed and included. The most important thing is that I know it's not about me;  your company is the star.  Your guests will feel an authentic bond with your company through the shared experience of laughter and astonishment. You'll connect with them in a genuine way that's impossible to fake. Your group becomes one big happy family. That's what I do.



I'm the Emmy-nominated performer who was voted Comedy Magician of the Year in 2017. I've appeared regularly at Caesar's Palace, Harrah's, Bally's and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City. I've appeared on network television hundreds of times. Recently, I was  seen on Jimmy Kimmel's website performing the Pinata of Doom for the roll out of Ford's 2017 Escape. I have blown the minds of guests at Sony, Colgate, Disney, Sunkist, Ford Motor Co., I.B.M., Anheuser-Busch, Mutual of Omaha, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Snap-On Tools, N.C.R. and countless more.

Larry Wilson

Which Format Is Best for Your Event?

Cocktails and Conjuring

This is the ultimate Close Up presentation that I perform strolling or in a private boardroom that your guests will be talking about for years to come. I present astonishing sleight of hand that takes place right in your guest’s own hands, under their very noses, amazing magic that simply defies explanation. 

One Man Wonder Show

This is my high-energy,  solo comedy-magic stage act that I presented on television hundreds of times which earned me an Emmy award nomination. I completely reinvent the idea of a magician with rapid-fire sleight of hand, mind-reading, impossible surprises and an emphasis on involving your audience in the fun

Grande Illusions

These are the large scale illusions everyone thinks of when they think MAGIC! Assisted by four assistants (two beautiful girls and two wacky guys) I float women in the air, produce people from cages of fire, cut them in sixths,  (and put them back together) and I can even make your C.E.O. or Special Guest appear by magic!

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