It Doesn't Take A Crystal Ball
It just takes Larry Wilson. He sidesteps pitfalls before anyone even sees them. That's the benefit of years of experience. He's seen it all and he knows what works, what doesn't, and how to produce the very best result for you. That's why The Hollywood Reporter called him, "... the best rehearsed, tightest, and most consistently funny act." ​​​​​​
The Power of Preparation
Larry leaves nothing to chance. He brings the personnel, tech and support team, to guarantee a superior entertainment experience. He knows you have a million other details to worry about. Larry makes it all look so easy because he has prepared for every eventuality. That's why The Los Angeles Times said, "Wilson has the power to amaze and amuse."
Fasten Your Seat Belt
Once Larry takes the helm, your worries are over. He'​​​​​s done it for audiences all over the world and he can do it for you. From the moment he hits the stage the audience knows he's in control and that means they can sit back and enjoy the ride. After Lexus of Reno hired him to create a special event for their customers they said, "Larry owned the room... this was unlike any event we ever hosted!"
" insanely talented and inventive performer, gifted with abilities to put on a real show no matter what the venue."
Mark Thompson
KFI Talk Radio
"Making our Chairman magically appear at the end was pure genius."
Richard B. Goetz
O'Melveny & Meyers, LLP
“Larry Wilson presented the best rehearsed, tightest and most consistently funny act!”
The Hollywood Reporter
“Wilson's hilarious patter makes the show, as he takes standard illusionist banter and twists it for comic effect.”
Daily Variety
“Larry owned the room...this event was unlike any other we have ever hosted!”
Ashton Hutton
Lexus of Reno
“He's awesome! He has a gift for using magic to tell a story.”
Laura Zander
CEO, Jimmy Beans Wool

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